Richy (Foshan) Industries and Investments Co.,Ltd.
was established in 2007 .
We Richy started manufacturing cedar hot tubs in 2008 under our brand Cedar lover. In fact, we are the first cedar hot tub manufacturer in the Mainland China. Each hot tub is handcrafted with classic craftsmanship. We only use the finest grade imported Canadian red cedar for our hot tub and saunas. All the product we make, we want them to be excellent. Our Mission Strive for providing customers with the Nature, fun and relax tubbing and sauna experience.

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Wood hot tubs, often made of red wood.Because Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most durable woods. Natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either i...

Richy has became a Gold member of alibaba since 2007. In Aprila 2011, we started our 2nd alibaba account to focusing only on our bathroom products.
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We are currently looking for global distributor, if you are interested, please CONTACT US 0086-75728363599. You can also reach us via email at We...