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Hot Tub

 【Products】Can you move the tubs?

 The tubs can be easily moved if there are no hydrotherapy jets mounted and there is room to maneuver it. Simply drain it, remove the fence and chimney (wood fired systems), tip it on its side, and roll it. Two adult males should be able to maneuver a dry 5’ or 6’ tub. Three or more make it easier and are necessary for larger tubs. Using a couple of planks, it can easily be rolled into the back of a pickup truck and transported
 when tightly secured. If you have a jetted tub, remove the jets and hoses before rolling.

 【Products】Do the cover included a lockable?

 Yes. The hot tub is supplied with a lockable, heat retention cover.
 The Insulation cover sits on the top rim of the hot tub and is made of PVC. The internal foams are supported across the centre by aluminium tubes which act like the lid on a pot to trap heat in and keeps your water warmer for longer.

 【Products】What is a safe temperature for the water?

 Typically most people feel that 37 - 41 C is a comfortable temperature.
 You vary the water temperature by adjusting the fire with the regulator (air intake). Once the desired temperature is reached, simply close the air intake and the water temperature will not rise noticeably. It doesn’t take much practice to estimate this correctly.

 【Products】How often should I change the water in my hot tub?

 You should change water in a domestic environment every couple of days. If there are lots of different bathers and intensive use, you might want to change it every day. If you’d prefer to leave the same water in the tub for longer periods of time, we recommend installing a filtration system.
Please note, when not in use, never leave your tub empty of water.

 【Products】How to keep the water clean?

 Many of our wood-fired tub owners drain their tubs,leave their tubs filled and add chlorine or bromine. We recommend using a floating dispenser together with bromine tablets. Bromine is better on the eyes and skin and is less harsh on the red cedar wood of the hot tub.
Another method is to of course change the water after bathing a few times. Pump and filter options are also available

 【Products】How does the tub drain?

 Each of our tubs includes a drain. With a simple fitting, you can attach a garden hose to the drain and dispose of the water into your landscape or down a storm drain.  We recommend draining and refilling the tub every 6-10 weeks or as needed. The water is safe to use for landscape plants, but not for your vegetable garden.

 【Products】Are wood tubs hard to clean & maintain?

 Absolutely not! To clean a hot tub all you have to do is drain the water, scrub the inside with a soft brush while it's still wet and rinse it out. If necessary or desired they can be gently scrubbed with a mild bleach/water solution.

 【Products】How do the woodend hot tubs in the freezing temperatures?

 Cedar is a good natural insulator .If you expect to be away or don't intend to use your tub during freezing temperatures, drain it - leaving about 2-6 inches of water in the very bottom. This helps keep the tub bottom sealed without doing damage.

 【Products】Do the wooden hot tubs leak?

 This is our most commonly asked question. Indeed wooden hot tubs will leak ever so slightly for the first few days after assembly, but as the water swells the wood, all the joints close up forming a watertight seal.